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This blog is the magazine devoted to design focusing on floral. Most designs featured are from SouthWest regional chapter AIFD designers. Some High profiled national and international designers will also be featured from time to time in addition to art and artists from other mediums. Also fantastic gardens and interesting stores are visited. This is the Chapter's public and floral industry outreach project. A bimonthly digital magazine is emailed to all subcribers. The blog site will feature an extension of each issue with extra articles, and pictures. Enjoy

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hall Decked Out

Joe Guggia, AIFD
With over 40 years of the floral industry under my belt, one might think I would view myself as a veteran with so much knowledge I just couldn’t fit one more thing in this pea brain of mine.  But, to the contrary, I’m a learning fool who just keeps absorbing this big world around me that has so much to give.  Beginning as a floral delivery driver, then a foliage plant grower in Carpinteria, to owning my floral shop Camfeldt’s Flowers and Design for over 30 years, my constant need to grow and share has increased as much or more as the years have.  Branching into other areas of our industry such as landscaping, porch-scaping, interior design and staging has given me knowledge that is so valuable to my daily duties as a retail floral shop owner.  My passion is fueled by publications such as Architectural Digest, Garden Design, Interior Design, and Sunset and I heartily suggest all designers view the wonderful assortment available to us to keep their creative juices flowing.  My next passion is writing a series of humorous books about the human element and flowers, as well as on site display and sales techniques for smaller shops that need the “lift” we all do at various times in our career

Hall Decked out

Classic European Mantle
The beautiful relief on this fireplace begged for simple decor.  The spheres were hung with copper and silver wire, and the garland ends were extended at different lengths for visual interest.  The client's accessories were lifted with hard cardboard
boxes to rise above the garland, while the tall birch branches let your eyes travel to the beautiful wood ceiling.

Traditional Holiday Mantle Styling
Fresh and permanent items were used to embellish this more tradtionally styled mantle, while mixing the client's everyday items.  Dangling and clustering are elements I love to use giving most areas extended visual interest.  And to have a mirror as a
backround really sets off the festive mood!

Willow as art.
This entry credenza needed height at the far end, but I didn't want to obscure the beautiful Venetian plaster.  This choice piece of curly willow did the trick, especially with the twisted stem showing through the glass vase.  Added glass pieces at the bottom of the vase pick up light and the permanent orchid blooms and olive clusters maintain the natural Italian element of the homes decor.  Simple, inexpensive make up but with great retail value. Now that's a goal we all should have with every piece we create!

Sticks and Stones

On-suite Excitement
With beautiful marble surround, this Roman tub demanded a unique design.  Campo d' Fiore cement containers were grouped with permanent additions to create a unit that has volume but great interest.  These clients gave me total freedom and I was able to use items right from my retail shop to make a great sale and also to create an art piece for them to enjoy. Isn't it a dream when we can be creative and give lasting value to the world?

Fresh and organic holiday wall piece.
This design was created for a very organic lady who loves to be "green".  All materials are fresh and will easily last throught the holiday season.  Succulents truly excite my being with  their incredible longevity, variety of earthy hues, and their inate ability to root on almost anything!
This design can be holiday festive, drying in place for a lasting "art" piece for the client to enjoy throughout the year.

Squaring Off the Birch
Nothing like birch logs to get my juices flowing!  These pieces are from my "personal" forest and were attached with 1 1/2 " screws for stability.  Mossed garland, pieces of reindeer moss, with permanent orchids and foliage made perfect additions for this client's eclectic taste.  The vertical birch branches break the square to give your eye added interest and beauty, completing the unit into art.