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This blog is the magazine devoted to design focusing on floral. Most designs featured are from SouthWest regional chapter AIFD designers. Some High profiled national and international designers will also be featured from time to time in addition to art and artists from other mediums. Also fantastic gardens and interesting stores are visited. This is the Chapter's public and floral industry outreach project. A bimonthly digital magazine is emailed to all subcribers. The blog site will feature an extension of each issue with extra articles, and pictures. Enjoy

Friday, November 2, 2012

Convention in Bloom

The highlight was transforming a nightclub into a spa for the Huntington post thats the photos with the moss and floral wall, and creating the moss sign for them.(Did I send those) Lots of Celeb sightings there, Of Course the highlight meeting Matt Lauer who complimented on the florals many times.

We had to Transform a 750 ft walkway with only two hour notice we hung 45 hanging baskets , draped it with white linen and uplit with blue lights. Lined it with 20 ficus trees , placed a few sofas here and there , amazing what a team of 10 can do in such a short time 3 of those being AIFD of course.

Lots of break out parties which were not Red White and Blue themed.