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This blog is the magazine devoted to design focusing on floral. Most designs featured are from SouthWest regional chapter AIFD designers. Some High profiled national and international designers will also be featured from time to time in addition to art and artists from other mediums. Also fantastic gardens and interesting stores are visited. This is the Chapter's public and floral industry outreach project. A bimonthly digital magazine is emailed to all subcribers. The blog site will feature an extension of each issue with extra articles, and pictures. Enjoy

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flowered and structured

"By the Horns"
36" x 24"
This piece has a 4" wide re-purposed steel ring for the center support that has been painstakingly wrapped in raffia providing a wonderful texture and a floral texture to the surface. The horns are fiberglass and resin and have had grooves cut with a saw to slip over the edge of the raffia covered ring. and two colors of grouped calla lilies flow from within the horns and have been manipulated to accentuate the shape of the horns and the exterior ring. The bamboo was added as a structural stabilizer to properly distribute the weight of the piece so it can rest flat on a wall if it is hung, or provide stability so it can be a standing arrangement as shown.

"Ruffled Curtains"
36" x 18".... ish
This re-purposed frame had a simplicity to it that demanded good use of negative space with a more feminine touch. With parrot tulips, hot pink kuwa sticks, lavender and lime green accents this piece looks almost Victorian in nature but the color and style take it just a little outside of the expected.

8' x 7' x 2.5'
The structure is composed of 2 offset bamboo frames that are 6' x 4' each and 3 smaller frames that are 6' x 2' connecting the two larger pieces horizontally. This piece's florals all radiate from the boxwood balls and there are accenting twig balls suspended in the structure. With all the warm colors rising and radiating and the cool colors cascading this piece mimics the movement of temperature in the real world. . The flowers are orange pincushion protea, rust sunflowers, purple hybrid delphinium and yellow midollino rings. This piece was suspended in the stairwell to welcome visitors to the show in style and so the composition could be viewed from all sides, including a wonderful view from beneath up into the design.

"Yin and Yang"
This piece is 4' x 2' and one of my favorites, after the show this piece will be in our Nursery for our little boy... (it will compliment the Where the Wild Things Are theme we are planning)
With white birch poles and dark birch accents the simplicity of 2 Elephant ear philodendron is all this piece needed to really stand out.

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